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My album of beats and instrumentals, Resurgence, is finished and ready for aural consumption! You can download the album at or directly from

The album covers/track list are below (they are also in the downloads).

(Big shouts to Haley and Justin for creating and designing these!)

I only plan on making a few hard copies, due to the cost, but if enough folks are interested I may be able to work something out.

If you like what you hear please feel free to share the album far and wide, and leave a little something in the tip jar if you so desire (the little donate button on the left).

I appreciate any support and all feedback 🙂


Last year I tried my hand at writing pieces with a little more structure than usual. There were a bunch of styles to choose from, but the haiku grabbed me with it’s complex simplicity. I started thinking about things I wanted to write about in the condensed 5-7-5 format, and after scribbling a couple pieces my mind found all sorts of ways to capture the weight of different moments in nutshell-sized packages. I had actually been going through a bit of a drought with my writing and the fresh challenge sparked my mental gears. I would’ve never thought that imposing structure on myself could turn out so lovely.

Here are a few samples from the collection:

daydreaming of nights
wrapped in cool visions of yen
no one has a clue

ID is useless
undefined by barred digits
breaths validify

I will never cruise
while spirits walk the ocean floors
luxury and death

saffron scented quills
dipped in honeyed siren song
All inside the word

listless empty eyes
walking pained gritty asphalt
break the reigns and live

I wonder if folks would read an entire book of these…

I’m just a few days away from releasing my instrumental album Resurgence, so as part of the (limited) promo I’m offering shiny wallpapers of the album covers. The cover designer blessed me with hi-res wallpapers (2560×1600) which are available for download below. Feel free to resize, distribute, and use them to sprucify your screens!

In related news, I’ve finally figured out how to upload music to posts and pages on wordpress, which means all is right with the world 1nce again. I was getting a little scared that I might have to move to a less streamlined (and fun) blog host but searching through the support forums and the nets provided the solutions I needed.

I found out from Brotha O about the passing of Guru earlier today. 1/2 of the iconic hiphop group Gangstarr, Guru was one of the nicest to bless a mic. His ability to balance the rawness of real life with a positive outlook on the other side of the struggle deeply influenced my own approach to hiphop. I know he will be sorely missed by his loved ones and his extended fam (us fans).

Rest well brother, may your soul continue to shine through your musical legacy and inspire others to follow your path.

Welcome to my slice of the nets. I’ll be posting various things about the music I do and the pieces I write…and the beautiful fluffy thoughts that float outside my mind from time to time.

The first project on deck is Resurgence, a collection of beats I’ve made over the past  few years, due out 4/30. It’ll be a free download so keep your ears peeled.

Check the About and My Sounds section if you wanna know a bit more…

…please don’t mind the occasional rants.

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