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I actually made the following beat last year sometime. I don’t know why I never posted it here. Maybe things got a little hectic at the time. Whatever the case I was pretty pleased with how the sample got chopped and flipped. It’s amazing what some good drums can do for a simple arrangement.

I’ve been thinking about getting into this “contest” over at a website called Script Frenzy. It’s more of challenge than anything else, as people are given the task of writing a hundred page script over 30 days in April.
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The supavillain.

It’s been another minute since the last post, and since I’ve spent a large part of the day listening to everything [MF] DOOM related I figure that now’s a good time to write about one of my favorite emcees. I ended up on this binge of doom-a-lay music because “Monkey Suite” popped into my mind and after watching the video on YouTube it was all MadVillian, King Geedorah, and Vic Vaughn from there.

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