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Here’s a bunch of really dope musica I’ve come across over the past week. Support these folks and share the goodness.

Katrah Quey just released his Shenmue Beat Tape. He flips samples from the classic Dreamcast game Shenmue and it comes out sounding extremely fresh.

One of my favorite electronic musicians Daedelus dropped his newest lp Bespoke last week. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him rock live but it’s been awhile since I was checking for him, so this was a nice find (I’m hoping that the album title is a reference to The Diamond Age – one of my favorite reads of late. It would make sense given the way Daedelus dresses.) So far my favorite track is this gem featuring Bilal: Read the rest of this entry »


…is really getting me through right now.

let it burn.

Last week I heard an interesting quote at a workshop for the J-O. In the midst of talking about building community, manifesting the skills we already have, and becoming more self-reliant the presenter said, “There is no system. Just us.” The statement resonated with me and I kept pondering over how it relates to my view on the system (or the many systems that work together like gears in a clockwatch). It also brought to mind an amazing speech on the Palestine situation given by Haruki Murakami a few years back on the nature of the system. His point, given in protest to the treatment of Palestinians during an acceptance speech for a literary award from Israel, is essentially that we, as individuals and communities, make up “the system” and we can transform or destroy it, no matter how powerful it may appear, because without us it really doesn’t exist. He sums it up, much more beautifully than I can: Read the rest of this entry »

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