I’ve decided to get back on my scribe game and pen (read:type) at least one piece a day*…well, maybe two if I’m up for it. So much has been going on around the planet – from the occupy movement to foolish folks who really should know better to, of course, immersive addicting worlds with their own ishyuhs – that I’ve gotta write about this stuff. My mind won’t let me do otherwise.

My goal is to have enough pieces for a good sized book. Possibly something that could be released digitally. Thinking about it now, a collaborative poetry/art collection might be cool. Hmmm….what artists do I know?

Anway, here’s a few haikus from last week. I’m sure things will get progressively longer with time.

Laughs rumble broken
Dismissing clenched fists raised high
False life unaware

Ghosts pass unflinching
Pretending in painless bliss
Unsung hymns tempered

Voices trail skyward
Love chanting misunderstood
Pauses feel fire

*Editor’s Note: Although writtens will be produced pretty much daily, posts might not happen as often. Sometimes that just how it be.