A few pieces from the last week or so-

Disguising true self
Destruction foiling ego
Let go and be free

Metal ants traverse the concrete
Rattling with insides maneuvering movement
Directions thought out haphazardly
Narrow misses with bipedal adversaries
Who look for their own solace from the cold
A daily pilgrimage muddles the reality between the steel
Soon the unseen truth will disappear
Leaving rotting husks crumbling
beneath orange hazed fluff
The forgotten may one day
reclaim its beautiful legacy

read the daily paper
check google news
all you hear about
is how folks got the blues
the cold weather fronts
cumulus clouds, gray hues
almanacs say
it’ll be a tough winter too –
so what’s a brother to do?
keep your head down, I guess
bundle up for the stress
nevermind the trick questions
peppered on the test
and uh, don’t forget to do your best
at least that’s what moms would say
yeah, I’m prone to believe we can make it
through if we find a way
but what are the odds when a tribe
in the wilderness, couldn’t see the day –
just grab your torch tight,
and press on
when enough of us shine
we can break our own dawn

So…whatcha listenin’ to?