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Digital sword raised

Dodging their sloppy barrage

Their heads will be mine



Sanitizing souls
is the work of the guilty
Beware their forked tongues

I often hear new tracks that use some of the same samples that my favorite tracks of years past did. When those planets align, I’ll post the findings. I’ll probably also share random dopeness that I cross paths with in the travels.

The new ish…

The old jam…

Something recent(ish)

The classic!


So I barely listen to J.Cole. Probably because I’m old. I asked some young people if they liked J.Cole. They looked at me like I was stupid. Asking about Migos got a better response. Damn I’m old.

I’ve decided to get back on my scribe game and pen (read:type) at least one piece a day*…well, maybe two if I’m up for it. So much has been going on around the planet – from the occupy movement to foolish folks who really should know better to, of course, immersive addicting worlds with their own ishyuhs – that I’ve gotta write about this stuff. My mind won’t let me do otherwise. Read the rest of this entry »

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