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A few pieces from the last week or so-

Disguising true self
Destruction foiling ego
Let go and be free
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Close proximity
Enveloped in sweet funk
Breathe unintention

Sharp eyes pierce the light
rounding out absorbing night
Savoring the touch

I’m just a few days away from releasing my instrumental album Resurgence, so as part of the (limited) promo I’m offering shiny wallpapers of the album covers. The cover designer blessed me with hi-res wallpapers (2560×1600) which are available for download below. Feel free to resize, distribute, and use them to sprucify your screens!

In related news, I’ve finally figured out how to upload music to posts and pages on wordpress, which means all is right with the world 1nce again. I was getting a little scared that I might have to move to a less streamlined (and fun) blog host but searching through the support forums and the nets provided the solutions I needed.

:Mi Musica:

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