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Brotha O put together a great post on J Dilla’s legacy and significance to the world of music. Peep it:

Tru Skool Tuesday: Dilla Day.

And check out this nice tribute mix:

Here’s a bunch of really dope musica I’ve come across over the past week. Support these folks and share the goodness.

Katrah Quey just released his Shenmue Beat Tape. He flips samples from the classic Dreamcast game Shenmue and it comes out sounding extremely fresh.

One of my favorite electronic musicians Daedelus dropped his newest lp Bespoke last week. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him rock live but it’s been awhile since I was checking for him, so this was a nice find (I’m hoping that the album title is a reference to The Diamond Age – one of my favorite reads of late. It would make sense given the way Daedelus dresses.) So far my favorite track is this gem featuring Bilal: Read the rest of this entry »

The supavillain.

It’s been another minute since the last post, and since I’ve spent a large part of the day listening to everything [MF] DOOM related I figure that now’s a good time to write about one of my favorite emcees. I ended up on this binge of doom-a-lay music because “Monkey Suite” popped into my mind and after watching the video on YouTube it was all MadVillian, King Geedorah, and Vic Vaughn from there.

Read the rest of this entry »

I don’t know if I mentioned the producers and beatmakers I really admire, but here’s a couple who really inspire me…

I gotta give FlyLo props on the interplanetary magnetism of Cosmogramma alone. Hearing his progression from Reset to 1983 on up to the newest LP has helped me think about how liberating music can be. The freedom and creativity that oozes through his tracks is something we should all hope to reach. Osmosis maybe?

Georgia is what hiphop should be. When I first gave Olesi a listen I knew I was in for a musical love affair. The raw funk of her beats gets the head nodding and the ears open for the soul that resonates through her tracks. Her newest album is jaw dropping for the simple fact that it bumps so hard and she doesn’t even use a single sample. Have you heard that she produces for Ms. Badu too?  Fuego del tierra!

Dilla. I can’t say any more about this brother than what’s been already said but his music has been that life soundtrack since his days with the ummah. Watching the above documentary left me so much creative energy it’s hard to explain beyond those chills you feel when something really touches you. If you haven’t heard the orchestral tribute you’re missing out on some space-time continuum altering stuff.

There’s a lot more I enjoy listening to on the daily but if I could take pieces of each of these impresario’s styles and transform it into my own sonic gumbo I’d be one happy dude 🙂

*Quick note: I decided to go with this instead of this. I’ll probably end up getting both but I came across a deal I couldn’t pass up! So if there aren’t any new posts for a while just know that I’m in the lab ^_^

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