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You said peace bluntly
from lips speaking burnt carnage
Empty words yield nil

Walking through dense meat
Pretending life not processed
Fertilizing dusk

Be who you is, not what they tell you to be.

This has got to be the illest beat I’ve heard in a minute –

This is a probably a close second.

No disrespect to any of the fresh stuff I’ve been bumping on the zen. I’m just sayin.

no no no…foo!

Here’s a bunch of really dope musica I’ve come across over the past week. Support these folks and share the goodness.

Katrah Quey just released his Shenmue Beat Tape. He flips samples from the classic Dreamcast game Shenmue and it comes out sounding extremely fresh.

One of my favorite electronic musicians Daedelus dropped his newest lp Bespoke last week. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him rock live but it’s been awhile since I was checking for him, so this was a nice find (I’m hoping that the album title is a reference to The Diamond Age – one of my favorite reads of late. It would make sense given the way Daedelus dresses.) So far my favorite track is this gem featuring Bilal: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s been a minute since the last post. I’ve got a couple new tracks below though…

Still trying to figure out how much to put on the blog. There’s a whole political/stargazing side of things that I haven’t posted about yet…not sure if I will. Don’t want it to be totally filled with randomness, right? I think things will improve a bit more once I start recording for the next project. I may also start weekly releases of beat snippets, mixes, and more of the poetics.

And of course the newness –

My album of beats and instrumentals, Resurgence, is finished and ready for aural consumption! You can download the album at or directly from

The album covers/track list are below (they are also in the downloads).

(Big shouts to Haley and Justin for creating and designing these!)

I only plan on making a few hard copies, due to the cost, but if enough folks are interested I may be able to work something out.

If you like what you hear please feel free to share the album far and wide, and leave a little something in the tip jar if you so desire (the little donate button on the left).

I appreciate any support and all feedback 🙂

:Mi Musica:

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