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It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post here. I’ve started a few but never finished them. Life seems to get in the way in the most beautiful and interesting ways…most times I’m unwinding from the 9 to 5…I think I will end up posting the unfinished stuff soon though. A lot of it still resonates with what’s been bouncing around in my mind.

SO in music-related goodness, Brotha Onaci just released an amazing mixtape – Radiant Souls Vol. 1. It features some dope midwestern artists and audio clips from freedom fighters shining some light on our struggles. Brotha O was kind enough to include my beat, Truth pt. 2, with some poignant words from Assata Shakur over the music. Give the mixtape a listen and be sure to check his blog and soundcloud.


My album of beats and instrumentals, Resurgence, is finished and ready for aural consumption! You can download the album at or directly from

The album covers/track list are below (they are also in the downloads).

(Big shouts to Haley and Justin for creating and designing these!)

I only plan on making a few hard copies, due to the cost, but if enough folks are interested I may be able to work something out.

If you like what you hear please feel free to share the album far and wide, and leave a little something in the tip jar if you so desire (the little donate button on the left).

I appreciate any support and all feedback 🙂

:Mi Musica:

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