it’s been a minute since I posted anything around here. I’ve been inspired recently so I may do something soon. maybe not.

if I decide to head out, I’ll leave a note with the next destination.

cold, grey, haunting place
bone-retching, piercing the soul
still i must remain.

Just found this live megamix peformance of Yasiin Bey fka Mos Def goodness:



Brotha O put together a great post on J Dilla’s legacy and significance to the world of music. Peep it:

Tru Skool Tuesday: Dilla Day.

And check out this nice tribute mix:

Watching the Samurai Champloo DVD set the other day reminded me of how much I loved the show and the soundtrack. This short piece is dedicated to some of the ill producers like Nujabes (RIP) and Fat Jon that continually inspire with their lush sounds. Read the rest of this entry »